Garden has an established platform, a strong reputation with their customer base, and growing brand awareness in their target market. However, the team has long suspected that there is more to the story, with regard to their core offering.

In the months leading up to our engagement, Garden had been actively exploring new product concepts that could compliment or extend their existing platform. The team felt they had strong ideas, but lacked the tools or frameworks to organize and validate those ideas effectively, resulting in a lack of confidence that was preventing the team from moving forward.

Do we stay stuck in this limbo? Or do we bite the bullet and just build it, only to find out out 3, 6, or 9 months down the road that it’s not working? Eythor Magnusson
CTO & Cofounder

Hypervibrant teamed up with Garden to demonstrate first-hand how Design Sprints can dramatically accelerate product development, strengthen team alignment, and ultimately unlock the clarity needed to move forward with confidence.

Design Sprints helped the Garden team get aligned on their core challenges, generate a mass of potential solutions, and then prototype and test the most compelling among them with potential and existing customers – all within days, instead of months or quarters. Many initial ideas were refined or invalidated altogether, and several exciting new concepts were uncovered.

The team learned how to execute on the things we’ve been talking about for months now. These sprints helped us deliver on the promise of working together and validating our ideas as a team. Absolutely recommend. Eythor Magnusson
CTO & Cofounder

Perhaps most importantly, Design Sprints helped the team accelerate product development in a way that built confidence by inviting a deeper level of participation by the entire team. The principles and tools learned in these sprints will be carried forward and repeated as the company continues to grow and evolve.