Chickadee Financial was founded in early 2024. As a new venture starting up in turbulent times, the Chickadee team wanted to find a quick path to revenue and had some initial ideas for the shape that might take.

The team was enthusiastic and energized, but hadn't yet figured out how to align that energy and turn their initial product ideas into a cohesive strategy or plan of action.

Hypervibrant led the Chickadee team through a Product Strategy Sprint to help the new venture establish a solid strategic foundation and accelerate the otherwise challenging business of getting aligned and activated on a brand new product.

The Product Strategy Sprint helped the Chickadee team create alignment, assess and prioritize critical business risks, and then develop a clear and cohesive product direction and delivery roadmap – all within a week.

The sprint format gave the newly formed group a chance to connect deeply and creatively as a team, and explore several alternative concepts before ultimately deciding on a course of action.

This sprint helped us get aligned and find clarity. It gave us an organizing framework to take all the energy and raw excitement and point it in the same direction. Kerry Kurian
CEO & Founder

Another surprising benefit came later, after a sudden shake-up on the team. When key individuals needed to step away from the effort, the small team was able to quickly adapt and move forward with the plan. Quite often, a sudden departure of this nature can be incredibly disruptive, or threaten a new venture altogether.

Everyone had a shared understanding of what we were doing, so we were able to roll with it. We were able to switch to plan B without a hiccup. Entirely because of this process. Kerry Kurian
CEO & Founder